PEAK Grants

PEAKGrantLogoPEAK Grants are competitive classroom grants that Promote Excellence And Knowledge. Teachers apply for these grants annually. PEAK Grants cover a large variety of curricular areas and touch the lives of many students of all ages. Grants ranging from $100 to approximately $3,500 are awarded in early May by a surprise squad of Foundation board members called the PEAK Patrol.

As of May 2018, 877 PEAK Grants totaling $911,648 have been awarded to staff members across the district over the past few years. For the 2018-19 school year, 56 PEAK Grants are impacting student learning in more than 80 classrooms across the district.

PEAK Grants will be awarded by the Foundation’s PEAK Patrol in May.

PEAK Recipients: Click here to access the PEAK portal to upload your follow-up documents. Use the same login credentials you created when you applied.