Lee’s Summit North H.S.

The following scholarships are available to Lee’s Summit North High School seniors. Each scholarship consists of three-pages: a Cover Sheet, Data Sheet, and Application. Read the criteria in the Data Sheet to determine eligibility, then complete the Cover Sheet (download here) and the Application (links below). Submit completed Cover Sheets and Applications to your Guidance Office by March 5. For more information, contact the Foundation Office at 816-986-1015.

Beth Chandler Service Scholarship
Billy Goat Scholarship
Carrie Foresee Scholarship
Derek Risner Scholarship
Dr. R Legacy Scholarship
Harold A. Morlock Scholarship
Jared Quinn Rice Lacrosse Scholarship
Jarrod Carroll Scholarship
LS Teachers Scholarship
Lola Rowe Moses Scholarship
Major Saver Scholarship
Noel Trust Engineering Scholarship
Pinnell Family Scholarship
Rachel Dent Athletic Scholarship
Ruth Mitchell Jones Scholarship
Stepp Into the Future Scholarship
Sue Jacobi Scholarship
Todd Davis Memorial Scholarship
Tom Reynolds and Lynn Griffith Robotics Scholarship