2020-21 Grant Recipients

Grant Amount Awarded School(s)
Let’s give this show some LIGHT $2,067.00 Bernard Campbell Middle School
Cuisenaire Rods $121.52 Cedar Creek Elementary
One School: Community Read Alouds $645.26 Cedar Creek Elementary
A Door (or Window) Into Play $67.79 Great Beginnings Early Education Center
Teach Me To Talk $2,177.30 Great Beginnings Early Education Center
Loose Parts $884.22 Great Beginnings Early Education Center
Weaving $88.90 Great Beginnings Early Education Center
Let’s work on speech sounds! $242.03 Great Beginnings Early Education Center
They Eat That? $742.89 Greenwood Elementary
STEM-ulating Young Minds $889.14 Greenwood Elementary
Coding with Sphero Minis $1,042.20 Hawthorn Hill and Longview Farm Elementary
Greg Tang Math Manipulatives $210.87 Hawthorn Hill Elementary
Tangy Tools $445.00 Hawthorn Hill Elementary
Composting Project $425.05 Hawthorn Hill Elementary
Literacy Based STEM $210.21 Hawthorn Hill Elementary
I’ll Read To You and You’ll Read To Me $1,211.97 Hawthorn Hill Elementary
ART HiSTORY $360.88 Hazel Grove Elementary
Digging Into Dinosaurs $982.12 Hazel Grove Elementary
Drum Fit! Move Your Body to the Beat! $2,113.05 Highland Park Elementary
SIPPS for Intervention $2,808.00 Lee’s Summit Elementary
Teachers in Clean Trucks $600.00 Lee’s Summit High School
Curating the Creativity of Students $850.00 Lee’s Summit High School
Driving towards Careers in Computer Science $1,600.00 Lee’s Summit High School
Whiteboard for Modeling Physics $372.00 Lee’s Summit North High School
Cooking Up Post-Secondary Success $1,027.20 Lee’s Summit North High School
Hantis Game Tables $3,000.00 Lee’s Summit North High School
Bringing a World of Languages to LSR7 $7,200.00 LSHS, LSN, LSW
Driving towards Careers in Computer Science – LSW $1,600.00 Lee’s Summit West High School
Learning How To Be A Social Thinker $316.60 Longview Farm Elementary
A Kids Book About… $406.98 Longview Farm Elementary
Extraordinary Escape Rooms $381.48 Longview Farm Elementary
News Team Equipment $398.00 Mason Elementary
Vertical Learning: Collaborative Learning with Movement $593.28 Mason Elementary
Reaching Reluctant Readers $371.50 Mason Elementary
Developing Independence with Decodable Books $852.68 Mason Elementary
Making High Achievers with High Interest Readers $1,467.00 Mason Elementary
I solved the cube. Now what? $141.79 Meadow Lane Elementary
LED Microscopes for science labs $1,278.14 Pleasant Lea Elementary
Engineering Up a Storm $296.00 Pleasant Lea Elementary
Tangy Math Games $768.00 Pleasant Lea Elementary
I’ve Got a Book For That! $550.47 Pleasant Lea Elementary
Podcasting the Possibilities $351.16 Pleasant Lea Elementary
Elementary Art In the 21st Century $630.00 Pleasant Lea Elementary
Counseling Curriculum & Centers $371.94 Prairie View Elementary
English to a Beat! $1,496.09 Prairie View Elementary
I See Me in Books $3,177.56 Richardson Elementary
We Can Read & Learn Together $1,500.00 Richardson Elementary
Feedback At Our Fingertips! $1,406.36 Summit Lakes Middle School
Guitar Share Alliance $3,500.00 SLMS and PLMS
Racket Sports/Racket Club $750.00 Summit Pointe Elementary
Math Manipulatives $535.24 Summit Pointe Elementary
Making Mighty Math Minds $1,615.60 Summit Pointe Elementary
Microscopes Let Us See More $1,139.94 Summit Pointe Elementary
Modular Spaces $750.00 Summit Ridge Academy
Communication is Key: Live Broadcast Intercom $920.00 Summit Technology Academy
Light the Way in K $419.43 Sunset Valley Elementary
If the Shoe Fits, Share It! $849.44 Sunset Valley Elementary
QBall for All! $611.97 Sunset Valley Elementary
123…Action! $407.86 Trailridge Elementary