2019-20 Grant Recipients

Grant Name Teacher School Amount Awarded
Putting the MOVE back in Movie Making Kenny Taylor Bernard C. Campbell Middle School $528.00
Cardboard Creations using Makedo Ginny Blumhorst Cedar Creek Elementary $440.00
Literacy for Our Littlest Learners Kelly Burlingame, Lindsey Hennessey, Patty Kralicek, Ashton Stark, Jenifer Opie, Stephanie McCall Cedar Creek Elementary $1,674.00
Getting Engaged With Non-Fiction Miranda Jarnevic Cedar Creek Elementary $347.81
Soft Play Structure Hollie Temple and Cathy Campbell Great Beginning Early Education Center $1,049.74
Sensory/Obstacle Course Gayle O’Hair and Erin Artis Great Beginnings Early Education Center $808.10
Naturalist Learning Tools Jeanie Cook and Kerry Boehm Great Beginnings Early Education Center $690.60
Parent Speech and Language Resource Center Jennifer Stevenson Great Beginnings Early Education Center $1,240.00
Games With A Goal Mary Panek and Elly Shierbeck Great Beginnings Early Education Center $312.49
Let’s Build Those Motor Skills Suzy Haas Great Beginnings Early Education Center $2,340.34
Starting STEM Early! Tiffany Johnson Great Beginnings Early Education Center $448.30
STEM Challenges Beth Hasch Greenwood Elementary $339.95
Throw me the mic!! Andrea Foote, Kiley Simpson, Jenny Kelley Greenwood Elementary $555.42
Creating Curious Kids Jamie Harrel, Laura Hensley, Jessica Bruto Hawthorn Hill Elementary $815.74
Unlock the Possibilities Jessie Bruto, Jamie Harrel, Laura Hensley Hawthorn Hill Elementary $800.00
STEAM Learning and Engagement Lisa Rapp Hawthorn Hill Elementary $110.93
A Digital PEAK Inside Our School! Rachel Johnson Hawthorn Hill Elementary $1,023.30
You Read to Me/I Read to You Alison Riley, Michelle Lisle, Susan Dunham Hazel Grove Elementary $1,119.91
The Story of Art History Erin Leeper Hazel Grove Elementary $144.44
Power of Books Kristen Cordes Hazel Grove Elementary $882.10
Keep Growing Roots With Stem Susan Dunham, Alison Riley, Michelle Lisle Hazel Grove Elementary $661.15
Life and Learning in the Garden! Trish Oswald Hazel Grove Elementary $2,701.91
Decodable Texts Lisa Black Highland Park Elementary $1,240.35
An Exercise in 3D Human Coding! Wendy Hilbert and Jason Koivuniemi-Berg Lee’s Summit Elementary $2,628.85
Virtual Reality: Passive to Immersive Classroom Gina Eberle Lee’s Summit High School $2,904.00
Speed Dating and Board Meetings: Making Physics Learning Visible Kelsey Pierson Lee’s Summit High School $1,050.00
Life Skills Cooking Kevin White Lee’s Summit High School $800.00
Increased Student Engagement & Achievement Melissa Warden Lee’s Summit High School $1,766.00
Wireless Teaching Stacy Allison Lee’s Summit High School $923.00
THeINK and Quill Student Press Ashley Baker Washington Lee’s Summit North High School $524.87
SmartBoard for Smart Kids Brooke Green, Lindsay Beachner, Jessica Stueve, Kathy Sand Lee’s Summit North High School $2,549.00
Sphero BOLTing Computer Science into the Future Christy Buckner Lee’s Summit North High School $2,499.99
Representation Matters! Lara Cole Lee’s Summit North High School $505.00
Gaming to Build Math Fluency Shannon Underwood Lee’s Summit North High School $185.00
West Side Perk Coffee Shop Emily Mincher and Traci Titus Lee’s Summit West High School $1,621.74
Starry Night Astronomy Megan Irr Lee’s Summit West High School $998.00
Bringing Languages to LSR7 Robin Villa LSHS / LSN /  LSW $5,156.25
Rigorous Reading Erin Callahan Mason Elementary $338.24
Rubik’s Cubes Keith Wingert Meadow Lane $175.78
Swing, Bounce, & Relax with Sensory Regulation Missy Kuehn Miller Park $2,528.05
A Sensory Informed Classroom Nancy Kassing Pleasant Lea Middle School $475.94
It Takes Two to Tang-o Ashley Brouillette Prairie View Elementary $508.77
Social Emotional Learning Ashley Brouillette Prairie View Elementary $459.00
Just Right Books, Just For You Jessi Banker, Angie Alexander, Sarah Vyrostek Prairie View Elementary $2,000.00
Inspired Inquiry Powered by Passion Kelsie Vaughn, Krista Cantrell, Amber Harris, Anne Mathews Richardson Elementary $1,414.91
The Supreme STEAM Dream Audra Storms Summit Pointe Elementary $546.12
Leveled Literacy for a Classroom-Home Connection Julie Devine Summit Pointe Elementary $544.50
Augmenting Learning Spaces Steve Moore Summit Ridge Academy $850.00
Skeletons Kristen Pierson Summit Technology Academy $356.38
Immersive 360-Degree/Virtual Reality Video Production Shawn Harrel Summit Technology Academy $899.00
Outdoor Learning Space Aubrey Shortino Sunset Valley Elementary $533.50
unBELLievable music makers Jenny Freeborn Sunset Valley Elementary $1,070.00
Engaging Students STEM Jaimi Clutter-Shields Summit Pointe Elementary $413.65
School-Wide Math Mania Lacey Fiedler, Lori Driskell, Karen Bannister, Mary Ostrander, Michelle Fiedler, Kelly Morgan, Shallyn Persell Underwood Elementary $2,525.25
An Attitude of Gratitude Lori Merrigan Underwood Elementary $254.25
Glass Fusion in the Art Room Sarah Muckey Underwood Elementary $260.00
Branching Readers into Life Long Readers Julie Hogle Woodland Elementary $269.46
Connecting to Comprehension Julie Hogle Woodland Elementary $195.00
Math Kits for Kindergarten Lindsey Adamczyk, Heather Diaz, Amy Peters Woodland Elementary $2,621.59