2017-18 Grant recipients

Grant Name Teacher School Amount Awarded
Building Rube’s Dream Machine Nicole Breshears BCMS $495.98
Get Up, Stand Up, Math on the Move! Sara McGurk, Steve Foote, Kris Jenkins BCMS $3,718.09
“Who Dunnit?”-CSI in the Classroom Andrea Allen BCMS $2,175.00
Eco Cycle Aquaponics Ginny Blumhorst CCE $524.60
UKE Can Do It!!! Biljana Begley CCE $1,983.68
Problem Solvers Misty Brewer CCE $372.64
“Oh the Places You’ll Go with Google Expedition” Sandy Bauer, Sarah Eckert, Emily Gilchrist, Jaci Hurley, Jen Lassman, Traci Mattis, Annie Nierman, Michelle Overbeck, Kim Rues, Erin Simons Elementary Library/Media Specialists $3,172.50
What You Do Matters Tracy Halphin GBEEC $987.94
Sand Timers as Visual Aids for Social/Emotional Growth Lisa Gard GBEEC $574.83
Roller Coasters:  Your Fast Pass to Learning Patti Schwarts, Sandy Welcher, Polly Lauck, Donna Everett, Lisa Cohen, Tina Miller, Jenny Reidlinger, Julie Coram Gifted Department $1,382.35
Once Upon An Engineering Challenge… Polly Lauck, Lisa Cohen Gifted Department $1,098.56
Tuners for Elementary Orchestra, a “Snarky” Request Libby Feyerharm GWE, HG, WLE, CCE $845.75
Kindergarten Connection Alison Riley, Michelle Lisle, Susan Dunham HG $232.00
All Hands on Deck! Edith LaMastres HG $1,533.55
High Appeal Authors Beth Abrams HG $848.00
Roll ON Into Math Success Amye Dunning & Tracy Milliron HG $362.22
The Right Math Tool for the Job Karen Murray & Heather Abrams HG $1,371.80
Headphones On=Distractions Off Alison Riley, Michelle Lisle, Susan Dunham HG $415.61
Read to Me:  There’s No App to Replace a Parent’s Lap! Tarah Hawkins, Lori Graham, Alison Riley, Michelle Lisle, Susan Dunham HG $2,268.20
Social Skills Picture Books for Kindergarten Krista Tucker HPE $368.39
Getting to the Core:  Roller Coaster Physics Donna Everett HPE & SVE $194.99
Kindergartner Today..Engineer Tomorrow Sherryl Gerke LSE $446.30
Innovation Design Challenge! Deanna Soukup & Allison Donahay LSHS $2,324.55
Formative Assessment using a Document Camera Ann Sharp LSHS $333.00
Creative Design and Technology Digital Camera Bob Sauer LSHS $800.00
Technology in the Art Department Olga Burwell, Angela Hays, Melissa Woody, Manning Williams LSHS $814.82
Building Chemistry Understanding with Legos Phil Fleming LSNHS $354.30
Don’t Worry, We Have it Covered! Melissa Searls & Marisa Ayers LSWHS $1,219.55
Full STEM Ahead! Amanda Bennaka, Marcy DeHart, Terri Sheets MLE $1,501.21
360 Degree Math Class Melissa Cunningham, Meghan Bogart, Niki McDaniel PLMS $4,537.25
Adding a “Spark” to Education Tracy Baker PLMS $1,799.99
Digital Art Portfolios for Future Success Jennifer Shults & Brooke Linquist PLMS $3,388.00
Discovering Fiction and Non-Fiction Hand in Hand Julie Hogle PVE $576.00
Hands On, Minds On Learning Michelle Day PVE $185.00
Let’s Get Moooooving! Carrie Guilfoyle & Tracy Oliver PVE $1,817.07
Character Trait Chat and Chew Abbie Elam RHE $432.59
Social Skills Curriculum for K-6 Students Julie Lindstrom & Casey Blakemore RHE $415.00
SPRK Learning with Spheros! Teri Curp SLMS $1,799.99
The Wazer, Table Top Waterject Cutter Eric Walters STA $2,374.50
Dream Mic Locker Shawn Harrel STA $1,749.98
STEM Bins Lindsey Adamczyk, Regan Russell, Aubrey Shortino SVE $444.34
100’s Number Boards Aubrey Shortino SVE $323.29
Connecting to Families and Growing Emergent Readers Ashley Welch SVE $1,448.00
Being a Writer Kit-6th Grade Tia Kim UWE $810.00
Being a Writer Kit-4th Grade Lacey Fiedler, Carol Gilpin, Cara Hemmel UWE $810.00
STEAM Rolling into Makerspace 1 Sandy Bauer UWE $1,356.32
Geometric Solids Sets Kristen Whipple UWE $98.90
Drumming UP Critical Thinking! Brianna Wessley WLE $1,169.69
Robot Time Mindy Rison WVE $655.34
News Crew Mark Messner WVE $199.99