2016-17 Grant recipients

Grant Name Teacher (s) School Amount Awarded
Science Sleuths Maggie Miller Highland Park $499.00
Making the Next Big Thing (MakerSpace) Nathan Miller/Deanna Soukup BCMS $2,324.55
Digital Art Display (1) Brian Freeborn BCMS $533.97
Digital Art Display (2) Brian Freeborn SLMS $533.97
Through the Learning Lens Juli Wingert SLMS $333.00
Do You See What I See? Sue Selby/Cassie Magers/Emily Vaccaro Highland Park $334.68
Hands on Technology Laura Griffin PLMS $2,473.00
SMART Board Supports Student Success Carolyn Hooper SLMS $1,588.00
Rocking Science with the PocketLab Christine Lake/Ken Presley PLMS $1,966.00
Can You Hear Me Now? Sarah Eckert LS Elementary $1,464.00
3-D Printer for Engineering and Beyond Gina Eberle/Bob Sauer LSHS $2,500.00
Collaboration Stations Mark Messner/Allison Hoffman Westview $919.96
“Uke” Can Help Us Grow Brianna Wessley Woodland $1,979.70
Snark Tuners for Elementary Orchestra David Tourtellot LSE/LFE/RHE/TRE $679.15
Heart Rates in the Classroom Emily Haines PLE $1,256.46
Raise the Beats Amy Westacott Woodland $980.70
Hands Up for Communication Melissa Searls LSW $328.82
Phonologically Speaking Jennifer Stevenson Great Beginnings $1,927.75
Read Naturally Instructional Materials Wendy Reeve Westview $935.00
Parent Support for Emergent Readers Lisa Black Highland Park $1,344.00
Families that Read Together, Succeed Together Misty Beichley Mason $362.64
Get to the ROOT of it Andrea Foote Greenwood $374.96
Creating Book Love Elizabeth Griffin SLMS $815.16
Classroom Breakout Kristen Shackelford Sunset Valley $693.56
Pasco System Courtney Bennett Cedar Creek $1,146.00
360 Classroom Ruth Dale SLMS $1,779.94
Enlightening Education Tiffany Johnson/Darci Willis EEC/WVE $505.90
Weapons of MATH Instruction Edith LaMastres Hazel Grove $969.59
STEM/Learning for Science Kim Schaefer Hawthorn Hill $1,038.00
CHEM-HISTRY Kristin Jackson LSHS $1,461.06
The Make Tank Makes Us Think Jennifer Lassman Meadow Lane $1,613.92
Creation Station Comes Alive Jennifer Lassman Mason $1,613.92
Makey Makey Here, Makey Makey There Nicole Nowlin Underwood $311.48
Building,Designing,Creating & Programming in Makerspaces Michelle Overbeck/Erin Simons CCE/HPE/PLE/WVE $3,904.94
It’s All About the Light Pam Wining Trailridge $584.99
Teaching Self Regulation Carolyn Bushur/Tamara Bohlman Great Beginnings $1,052.73
Opening the Door to Communication Sarah Hughes Miller Park $1,469.12
LEGO Build to Express Amy Crotts Mason $1,700.00
Build to Express with Legos Stephenie Bertz/Ryan Burke/Becky Mallen/Keith Wingert Meadow Lane $1,412.41
Leading the Way with Lego Express Julie DeVine/Jessi cox/Nicki Decker/Janene McAnulty/Cyndi Ostrander SPE $2,686.58
Lego Education: Build to Express Kits Alyssa Banks BCMS $953.95
Breaking Out Through Problem Solving Ashley Barton/Anthony Grego/Erik Ahlquist Greenwood $916.33
Mystery Box Tina Miller/Lisa Cohen Prairie View $754.85
Books That Heal Mary Beth Panek Great Beginnings $546.82
Kitchen Laura Brown Sunset Valley $974.86
Serving Up ProStart Ann Pike LSN $1,471.54
PAWS Pre-Vocational Applications for Workforce Success Dana Hargraves/Karen McClain/Dee Montera Hawthorn Hill $1,670.00